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Dr. Bernard Abbadessa

  • Headaches from Heavy Backpacks

    Heavy backpacks can cause subluxation, which can cause back problems and headaches. My daughter Jenna attends a public elementary school on the windward side, and last year she was in the 3rd grade. I could not believe how many books she had to carry and how heavy her backpack was. At the end of the school year, she started to complain about frequent headaches, and then the headaches became everyday I took her to the family doctor, and she found nothing wrong. I took her to see an eye doctor, and he found nothing wrong. When I realized I was giving my 9-year-old daughter Tylenol everyday, I consulted with Dr. Chip and he advised me to have her spine evaluated for subluxation. I thought to myself, (how can my 9 year old daughter have subluxation, she's too young!) To my surprise, Jenna does have subluxation in her neck. "WOW", I was shocked! I could see the damage in her x-ray. After the first adjustment, Jenna's headaches are gone. It's been two months now, and no Tylenol! As a parent, investing in my child's health and making sure she has a healthy spine, I think, is the best gift I could give her, next to a "parent's love." For peace of mind, have your child or someone you know checked today, so you won't regret it later! Dr. Chip, thank you for improving the quality of life for my daughter! We appreciate you and your staff! Mahalo!

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  • Scoliosis

    I first heard about Dr. Chip from my wonderful sister Lucia, she felt that I would benefit from chiropractic care. For the last 64 years I was plagued with physical and emotional problems resulting from scoliosis. My right shoulder slumped making my left hip higher. My spine was curved in an S-shape instead of being vertical. Not only did scoliosis make me have bad posture, it caused my clothes to look ill fitting, an improper gait, and I was continually taunted by those around me to improve my posture since people around me thought I was responsible for my poor appearance. After only three months of care from Dr. Chip my S-shaped spine was 85% more vertical much to my amazement and Dr. Chip's. My gait is now steady and straight, and my posture is erect which makes my clothing fit properly. Moreover, my balance has improved 100%; I no longer have the fear of falling over anymore. Unexpectedly, I have gained more confidence in public now that my pants fit me properly and I feel healthier. I didn't expect a miracle but I was given one, as well as a new lease on life as I approach 65 years old. My experience with Dr. Chip and chiropractic has left me convinced that every person I have ever associated with in my life can benefit from chiropractic care.

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  • Back Pain

    I found out about Dr. Chips office through his website online. I was very interested after reading about his beliefs in health care. Prior to seeing Dr. Chip, I was having major lower back pain, with no idea of how I injured myself. I was going to my doctor for about 3 weeks and only receiving pain medications and injections with no improvement. I really wanted a "drug free" alternative. After seeing Dr. Chip, I am at about a 75% improvement and getting better after every visit. The staff is very welcoming and great with keeping me informed about the memos available. I have several friends who also go to Dr. Chip and they to have had a great experience as well. I also have another family member who I gave my certificate to, I really hope she uses it!

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  • Shoulder Pain

    Before seeing Dr. Chip, I had unbearable chest and between the shoulder blade pains. My assigned medical Dr. couldn't tell me what my pains were caused by, all he wanted to do was give me medications and send me home. No one had a clue on what was going on with me. I even spent 2 nights in the E.R. with no help. My mother had recommended that I see a Chiropractor. So I went on Google and found Dr.Chip. I called and made an appointment to see him right away. It took only one torso X-Ray to explain my whole problem. Now that I am being aligned, I feel like a new man and feel great! My health has improved 110%. All the pain in my chest and shoulder blades are gone.

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  • My Chiropractic Testimony

    We first found out about Dr. Abbadessa through our daughter Rocky. We were very hesitant about going to a Chiropractor. But thinking of our age and illness, we felt that our health was important to us. Prior to this, my husband had a bad back and high blood pressure concerns. After my husband started going to Dr. Chip at 3 times a week for a year, he found a big difference in his health. Now he does his yard work, goes fishing 4-8 hours a day with little or no pain and feels great! For myself, I have a lot of issues. I have asthma, neck pain, lower back pain, headaches and diabetes. I felt this was it for me. Going to Dr. Chip for a year now, my asthma has really improved a lot. I can breathe a lot better. My neck and back has straightened out a lot. I can see and feel the difference since last year. I can also sit for a period of time and not hurt like I used to. I can tell my friends and family that going to a Chiropractor will really benefit they're health. Also going to his classes of exercises and subjects of health is very good. Thanks to My daughter Rocky for telling us about Dr. Chip. He's cheerful and explains things very well. We now go 2 times a week. I look forward to get to our adjustments. Also the office staff is very welcoming and cheerful with the patients. As long as God permits us, we'll continue our adjustments. Thank you Dr. Chip for helping us and understanding that our health is important. We also tell our friends of the good and healthy vitamins we have been taking.

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  • Even My Toes Feel Better

    I don't really remember how I came to Dr. Chip's office but I think it was a company called Metro Marketing that called me and asked if I wanted to get a free consultation and 1 free adjustment. Dr. Chip improved and eased many of my aches and pains. I have major relief in my shoulders, back, knees and started down to my toes. I feel good now that I'm going to Dr. Chip. I think that my neighbor could benefit from chiropractic. I've been trying to get him in for a while now but he's not ready to commit. I'll keep trying because he definitely needs it.

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  • Daily Headaches Since 1969"

    I was in a terrible car accident in 1969. My car was demolished! I don't know how I lived through this nightmare. No broken bones, plenty of bruises and lots of pain in the neck and head. I've been to many medical doctors who prescribed pain killers and therapy. I've also seen 3 other chiropractors and dentist but I've had a terrible headache every single day since 1969! At the urging of my husband to see another chiropractor, I walked in the elevator and saw you. I became one of your new patients that Monday morning, January 3,2005. That was the best move of my life! After several adjustments in a week I woke up without a headache! After 36 years of constant, daily headaches! No more! Everyday I thank God and you, Dr. Chip for giving me back my life and a new outlook on living and becoming a better person. Thanks Doc!

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    Approximately 15 years ago, my mother, who today is 81 years old, fell 3-4 feet offa stepladder. She hurt her back, but she kept saying she was okay. Back then, no one in the family made her go to the doctor because she kept saying, "I'm okay!" Some parents just insist that they are "okay", and no like go doctor! As time went on, my mother started to complain of lower back pain and she was starting to have problems with her feet. When she walked, her feet would get sore first, and then go numb. She went through so many tests, and we could not find anything wrong. Then finally, we had an MRI done and we found the damage. Her spine was compressed in her lower back because of the injury she suffered and now arthritis has developed in the same area. Because of her compressed spine in her lower back, the nerves and circulation are slowly being cut off. Because her spine was not checked sooner when the accident happened, there is little that can be done to correct the problem. Now, at 81 years old, she lives with pain and discomfort in her lower back, legs and feet. She was also given many different medications to deal with the problem, which have only made her sick. We stopped all the medication, and have decided to try chiropractic care. Now, my mother visits Dr. Chip once a week for adjustments to try and keep the rest of her spine as healthy as possible, and trying to correct some of the damage and keep the circulation going through her legs and feet. "No pressure Dr. Chip", but it's all in your hands now!

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  • No More Pain!

    Prior to seeing Dr. Abbadessa, I would slouch constantly and whenever I slept on my side or stomach, I would wake up with a painful back and neck ache. One day, my mom convinced me to have a check up with Dr. Abbadessa. After just a few months of adjustments, my neck and back pain disappeared and I stopped slouching and sleeping in painful and awkward positions. A couple of years later, I started dancing at school. After dancing for a while, my back and neck pains started again because sometimes in dance, they require us to move and contort in strange positions. I decided that I needed to start up my chiropractic adjustments again. After about a year of getting weekly adjustments, my pain was gone. I also felt much more relaxed and energized. I highly suggest you contemplate on seeing Dr. Abbadessa for chiropractic care. It really makes a difference on your daily life. It really does help.

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